My Gay Marriage Rant… By Seth Anderson

Every debate I see on gay marriage has someone commenting about what the bible says about gay marriage. While this argument is legitimate, it’s weak, and it’s not American. The bible says a lot of things to a lot of people. Go read the Westboro baptist church’s doctrine and you’ll find it’s very biblically based. Not […]

Flatuance reprimand has been withdrawn after senior managment caught wind of it

JANUARY 11–The Social Security Administration has withdrawn a reprimand letter issued last month to an employee who was accused of excessive workplace flatulence that created an “intolerable” and “hostile” environment for coworkers. The “official reprimand,” issued to the 38-year-old male worker on December 10, was quickly rescinded after SSA senior managers got wind of the proposed sanction. The […]

Indiana Talks Coming Soon!

Keep your eyes peeled. Santa Snyder has a little Christmas Gift as will be streaming live starting in early January.