Sore losers target Ind. superintendent

Blond Boy Crying

Editor’s note:  A very interesting opinion piece in the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette by Karen Francisco.  Unfortunately for the voters who elected Glenda Ritz, Karen is correct.  From the Indiana General Assembly to our new Governor Mike Pence, it’s a bad case of sore loser and petty Republican politics.

“Sore losers” would appear to be the best way to describe Indiana Republicans angered by Glenda Ritz’s election as superintendent of public instruction.

I wrote yesterday about House Bill 1251, which would remove the requirement that at least four members of the State Board of Education be actively employed in Indiana schools and hold a teaching license.

Another bill, HB 1309, looks like a clear effort to marginalize Ritz. Sponsored by House Education Committee Chairman Robert Behning, an Indianapolis florist, it requires the State Board to elect a vice chairman who:


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