Todd Rokita, Marlin Stutzman: Shame On You!


By Lou Quinto

Shame on Congressman Rokita!

Shame on Congress Stutzman!

Shame on you for voting against the disaster aid bill for those victims of super Storm Sandy! I have been a resident of Indiana since 1992, but I was born and raised in New Jersey and have family there. Their lives have been turned upside down since Sandy hit.

There is no excuse or valid reason for these Indiana Congressmen to  vote “no” along with 65 of their other GOP colleagues. I have heard their excuses… The bill was stuffed with “pork” for special interests that had nothing to do with disaster relief… A yes vote would not have been fiscally prudent…

Well Congressmen, EVERY bill is laced with pork that has nothing to do with the actual purpose. This is the system that you helped to create, perpetuate and refuse to change. Upon a close inspection of your voting records voters will see that you both have voted for bills that contained “hidden” funding, or “pork.”

After all of your votes, this was NOT the bill to say; “Oh no, we can’t have this. We have to draw the line.” Hard working families’ lives were dramatically changed. Homes were lost. Business had to shut down. Community  economies are facing certain ruin. These people didn’t want to ask the government for help, but a natural disaster has forced them to ask for help… And you both said, “No!”

Your votes on the disaster relief bill for Sandy did not prove you are a fiscal conservatives. Picking and choosing which pork-filled bills you will vote on is not fiscally prudent. It is political showmanship and not the actions of individuals that deserve the trust of the people you allegedly represent.

Shame on both of you!

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